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Lots going on in Boston this week...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Boston has been abuzz with the fantastic weather we have been having. Looks like spring is finally here! And with spring comes playoffs.

Boston is sure living up to its great sports traditions this year.

Bruins start their playoff run tonight at the Sabres. Celtics start theirs against Miami at home on Saturday.

Monday is Marathon Monday, one of Boston's greatest sporting traditions. This year it gets even better! The marathon starts in the morning, the Red Sox play at 11 a.m.  in Fenway against the Rays, then everyone RUNS across town to the Garden for the Bruins home playoff game. You couldn't ask for a better way to spend the holiday!

Here at The Red Hat, we will be celebrating all of these events with our 13 televisions showing all of the great games. Narragansett girls will be joining us on Saturday giving away free samples, gifts and prizes.

Sooo... to everyone running in the marathon- good luck! To everyone else- drink up and celebrate Boston's best traditions- hockey, basketball, baseball and of course drinking ;)

Hope everyone is having a great sunny day :)