SimCity Buildit Broadened My Vision As A Designer

I happen to be a professional designer. It is both my passion, as well as, profession. Since it is my passion, I don’t mind playing games which involve designing. I find myself attracted to drawing up virtual worlds. My friends are well acquainted with my inclination. So, they suggested that I build up the Simcity. Before taking off with the game, I conducted a bit of research. I found out that I could well be the mayor of a city. What excited me most was the prospect of lining up the blueprint for a perfect city. The plan has to be such that it takes care of the needs and expectations of the citizens.

Besides being a good mayor, I found that the game would do justice to my skill as a designer. So, I thought of playing it, from scratch. Whenever I got free time, I used that effectively for carrying out research work. Yes, it is important to find out the needs of every single citizen. Stepping into the shoes of the mayor is a big responsibility. The first thing to do is to collect information and inputs about their needs.  I used the information thus collected to make the citizens happy.

In the course of designing, I discovered the importance of problem-solving. The designing process was almost similar to that of UX designing, but what sustained my interest was the prospect of problem-solving. The prospect is somewhat similar to what happens in the real world. A mayor has to understand the woes and anxieties of people. He has to cater to their basic needs. Here also, the city has to be organized and planned out in such a way that citizens have a nice time eating, sleeping, working, socializing and communicating.

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I went through the simcity buildit hack and learned how to make a profitable use of the Simoleans. Building and organizing are the two important pedestals of this game. But these are not the only aspects to concentrate on. As a mayor, one has to take an important decision. Making strategies and implementing the same are no less important than building and organizing. As I advanced through the different stages of the game, I learned how to undertake critical planning. As part of strategic planning, I learned how to build up movie halls, fashion trend centers, restaurants, and malls. I made sure that these centers of relaxations are in the easy access of citizens.

The mayor has several roles to play. He has to be a good designer, planner, organizer and a shrewd strategist. While playing, I also realized that there is little or no point in maintaining structures which cannot be supported.  I calculated the Simoleans which people contributed to my coffer, by way of taxation. From that, I found that certain buildings could not be supported. Hence, I took a strategic decision to have those buildings demolished.  But in spite, of the demolition, the citizens were happy for I did all I could to live up to their expectations. The game has undoubtedly played a major role in broadening my perspective as a designer. I also learned what it takes to be a responsible mayor.…

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